Hydrangeas With the Most Showy Mopheads for Your Commercial Landscaping

For Your Commercial Garden, the Most Showy Mophead Hydrangeas

Large blue, pink, or white floret clusters in the form of a dome are offered by mophead hydrangeas. Early summer or late spring is when most flowers blossom. Frequently, their flower heads remain attractive into the winter after drying on the plant. The ideal environment for mopheads to flourish is one with wet, well-drained soil and some afternoon shade. See some of the most vibrant types in this article that are favorites by mostly commercial landscaping contractors.

Pink Shira

‘Pink Shira’ is a variety of Hydrangea macrophylla with robust stems, a compact habit, and long-lasting blooms. It is a relatively new bigleaf hydrangea variation with mophead flowers. Its flowers have gorgeous lime green petals at first, then they turn pink or purple.

Big Daddy

‘Big Daddy’ is a bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) type that has enormous, 14-inch-wide clusters of blue or pink flowers, making it one of the showiest mophead hydrangeas you can plant. Since their stems are so sturdy, the long-lasting flowers are excellent for cutting. But if you grow the plant in extremely rich soil or too much shade, the large flowers may cause the stems to flop.

Cityline Paris

Another new mophead arrival that stands out is “Cityline Paris,” which has erect stems and a compact habit. It has vivid fuchsia-pink blooms that bloom for a long time before fading to a gorgeous green color.

Black-Stem Hydrangea

Although the mophead flowers on the black-stem hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Nigra’) are stunning, the plant’s name suggests that it is the stems that catch the eye. In contrast to the green leaves and delicate blue or pink blossoms, they have a dark purple-black hue.

Cityline Mars

The same compact habit and sturdy stems are offered by “Cityline Mars,” a sibling plant of “Cityline Paris.” This mophead’s blooms are bicolored, with white petals and either deep blue petals in acidic soil or magenta petals in more alkaline soil.

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