Commercial Landscape Contractors: The Spring Flowers to Grow

Coloring Your Commercial Garden With Spring Flowers

Boost the beginning of your springtime garden by utilizing these planting ideas that will promptly provide vibrant tones to your flower beds and containers. Make a trip to the nearby garden center and gather a collection of charming annuals and perennials by filling your cart with them. These flowers will complement nicely with other premature flowering plants that are already present in your commercial garden. As other short-lived flowers wither away, these plants that bloom in spring will continue to provide a delightful display until the arrival of summer, according to commercial landscape contractors.

Pansies and Violas

It’s hard not to give in to the charm of violas and pansies, with their cheerful colors and smiling blooms. Pansies can be considered the ostentatious variant of their delicate-looking viola counterparts, exhibiting a larger size. Despite their delicate appearance, these plants can withstand a few cold snaps and are simple to cultivate in colder weather. At garden centers, the flowers are typically the initial indication of spring and arrive in a variety of tints ranging from lively to subtle pastels.


There’s no need to delay planting snapdragon plants until after the final frost. As long as the soil is pliable and not frozen solid, you can plant these lovely perennials a couple of weeks ahead of the final frost in your region. Snapdragons, which are widely used in cottage gardens, are available in almost every hue and shade imaginable, resembling the colors of the rainbow. To encourage greater branching, trim the stems of the plant when it reaches a height of three to four inches, leaving only two sets of leaves.

Sweet Alyssum

One of the few early-flowering annual plants that may be grown from seed by sowing it outdoors immediately a few weeks before the last frost date. Or you can wait a little longer and locate alyssum flats that you can quickly transplant to your garden while the weather is still cool. However, they like the air to be between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. They can survive temperatures slightly below freezing. In warmer temperatures, certain alyssum species may continue to bloom, so ask your local garden center about heat-tolerant kinds.

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